Natural Flavor

At Ashimashi , we believe that snacking should be good and fun. So we start with real, farm-grown ingredients like potatoes, corn and grains, then we cook them in natural oils like sunflower and corn and top them off with a sprinkling of salt or seasoning. 

3 Steps Ingredients 
Ashimashi Potato Chips are made with these three steps Ingredients and that’s it. After all, “Happiness is Simple”  
Grade a Potatoes 
It all starts with the highest quality potatoes, which we harvest from farms across Iran to make Ashimashi Potato Chips. 
All Natural Oil 
Ashimashi Potato Chips are cooked in healthier oils like sunflower and corn oil, which contain 0g Trans fat and are lower in saturated fats. 
A Dash of Salt 
A 1 ounce bag of Ashimashi Potato Chips contains less than 1/12th of teaspoon of salt. In fact, there’s more salt in one slice of bread than there is in a serving of Ashimashi Chips.